Sports and tech. We love both. We’ve commented before on smart gadgets that can help you perfect your golf swing, for example, and now we have another great sports tech product for you: the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball. Yes, friends! There is now a smart soccer ball. Read on to learn more!

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball: Our 5 Top Tips To Score More Goals This Season

So what is it exactly? The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball helps you to improve your football skills with challenges and tutorials. Virtual panels and sensors record your speed, curve and target with instant results sent via the app. An integrated sensor inside the ball detects speed, spin, strike and flight path data and instantly relays kick data to the miCoach smart ball app on your Apple device running iOS 7 or higher via Bluetooth 4.0. The companion app interprets and displays instant feedback on power, spin, strike, and trajectory, and includes ball-mastery tutorials with drills, coaching tips and guidance to help improve ball touch and handling.

adidas micoach smart ball

We’ve come up with 5 tips/FYIs to utilize the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball to the best of its abilities to help you score more goals this season.

1. Kicks must be at least 1m off the ground and travel 10 yds or further in order to record.

2. Ball must be stationary when you kick it. 

3. Use the black and green lines to help you line up shots and contact points while the ball is stationary.

4. Monitor the visual indicators presented by the app to assess your own patterns and to adjust accordingly. 

5. Utilise the app in its entirety. It will push you to try things that you might not think will improve your accuracy and precision. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

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