Apple AirPods. You probably love them or hate them. And you either have them or judge people walking down the street wearing them (yes, we’d agree we look a bit funny wearing them). We were on the fence as well until we tried them. Check out our Apple AirPods Review below and see if you’re willing to ditch the lightning port adapter for your headphones!

Apple AirPods: Reviews, Features And Price

Apple AirPods Reviews, Features And Price

Before we get into the more technical aspects, one thing we are frequently asked is if it is indeed possible to exercise whilst wearing AirPods. If that’s your one worry, fear not! You can walk, run, bike, lift… and more with AirPods. No more tangled cords. No more near choking hazards when you’re lifting. Now, on to the tech!


  • Automatically on, automatically connected
  • AirPods sense when they are in your ears and function accordingly, starting when you put them in, stopping when you take them out, and allowing you to listen with one or both at will
  • One-tap setup for all your Apple devices
  • Quick access to Siri with a double tap
  • Recognises when you are speaking, and filters out external noise to focus on the dulcet tones of your voice
  • Provide rich, high-quality AAC audio
  • More than 24 hr. of battery life with charging case
  • Up to 5 hr. of battery life on one charge
  • 15 min. of charging equals 3 hours of battery life

You can read review here – > Airpods review

One of our favourite features of Apple AirPods is the charging case. Not only does it keep your AirPods safe and secure, they keep them consistently charged. A quick 15 min. charge equals 3 hours of battery life, so you’re not often left in the lurch with no headphones.

Android users, you can enjoy the convenience of AirPods as well, sans quick access to Siri. We know lots of Android users that opt to use them.

Final thoughts? Apple AirPods are certainly worth the purchase.

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