By now, there’s no way that you haven’t heard about Apple’s HomePod, unless you live under a very big rock. Regardless of your allegiances, the Apple HomePod is destined to give Amazon’s Alexa and Echo a run for their money. With this in mind, let’s go over some of the best features HomePod has to offer. We’ve come up with a rundown of some nifty Apple Homepod tips and tricks

Homepod Tips And Tricks: How To Get The Most Out of the New Apple Homepod

homepod tips and tricks

Let’s discuss audio quality first and foremost. According to critics, that’s where the HomePod really shines. The superior audio helps everything sound better and make you want to use the HomePod even more.

For all of the folks paranoid about their appliances listening to them, you’ll be happy to know that you can simply request Siri stop listening to you. A “Hey Siri, stop listening” gets the job done. That’s a nice feature that doesn’t require any additional work.

Since Apple HomePod is apparently all about that privacy, you can actually turn off notifications. This matters since the HomePod is synced to one user’s iCloud profile. It seems that Siri is quite the secrets vault.

homepod tips and tricks

For the folks who are hands-on, the touch controls allow you to manage everything from the volume to asking Siri a question. Touch controls offer a great shortcut for those folks who don’t always want to say “Hey, Siri,” for every song you want to skip! And let’s say you’ve found an artist you like, or you want to relive the delightfully infectious songs of the 80s and early 90s, well you can. Siri can create playlists based on any of this criteria and much more. Buyer beware though, there’s no native support for either Spotify or Pandora. This is an Apple product and they want you using Apple Music. But before you panic, you’re able to simply stream music from another device to the HomePod and use the music platform you want! Or you can pair the HomePod with Apple TV to enhance the viewing experience.

If music isn’t your thing, or you simply want to shake it up, another cool feature of the HomePod is it’s podcast and news function. If you’ve got a podcast in mind, you can “Hey Siri, play the latest episode of Two Dope Queens” or if you’re really feeling super sleuth-y, you can ask Siri to play all the seasons of Serial. If you’re in the mood for news, you simply say “Siri read the news” and the HomePod will play the default newscast. For some customized tuning, you can ask Siri to “switch to the BBC.”

Maybe you’re also a keen multitasker who want to make sure that all your notes sound good, send text messages and be reminded of your calendar events. Well, that can be done by your favorite assistant Siri. The HomePod will read and send all of these items on your behalf. Siri can even mark off your to-do list and send group messages!

Of course, no Home is complete without some automation. Who doesn’t love smart living? The HomePod can be integrated into other app and programs via the HomeKit that turn lights on or off and regulates room temperature. And although the HomePod doesn’t have timers, you can comply have Siri remind you of a task at a specific time, like “Hey Siri, will you remind me to take the sweet potatoes out of the oven in 45 mins?” And it will.

Aside from doing your taxes every year (maybe that can be done), the Apple HomePod brings Siri front and center and into your home.

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