Are we ever fully utilizing the full extent of our technology? The answer for most of us is likely–no. Something as simple as “voice to text” or other productivity-enhancing capabilities go overlooked because maybe we just don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs, or, we’re just set in our ways! Well, this doesn’t have to be the case for your Apple Watch 3 series. We’ve together a list of Apple Watch tips and tricks to help jumpstart the process!

Apple Watch Tips And Tricks: How To Get Most Out of New Apple Watch

apple watch tips and tricks

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

Productivity Tips & Tricks

Unlock your Apple Watch by unlocking your iPhone

If you have a passcode on your Apple Watch, this tip is for you. You aren’t very likely to be without your Apple Watch and iPhone, so it becomes a little annoying to unlock both of them. On your Apple Watch app on your iPhone or your Apple Watch settings to enable the “Unlock with iPhone” option.

Unlock your Mac automatically by using your Apple Watch

Oh, you have a Mac too? Thanks to the security authentication set-up on Apple products, you can unlock your Mac automatically by using your Apple Watch. Go to your System Preferences (on your Mac) > Security & Privacy, and then in the first tab (General), enable the “Allow Apple Watch to unlock your Mac” option.

Note: You must be logged into the same iCloud account across your devices.

Use your Apple Watch as a remote control for your iPhone Camera

This is a great feature for all of us photogs. Whether you’re simply propping up your phone to get the right angle and lighting, or, you have a whole setup complete with tripod and external camera lens, this trick is great. Use your Apple Watch as a remote shutter. Trigger photos from the Camera App on your Apple Watch. Bonus: it even acts as a viewfinder! The Apple Watch does not take photos itself but shows you what your phone camera sees.

Fitness Tips & Tricks

Automatic pause on runs

No need to be inconvenienced by having your runs interrupted by your fitness tracker. Enable the automatic pause option going to your Apple Watch app on your iPhone > My Watch > Workout.

Monitor elevated heart rates

Apple now offers the feature to view your resting heart rate. That’s one thing that we really love about Fitbits. Now your Apple Watch can also track your resting heart rate AND elevated heart rates. You’re able to set thresholds within the app and you are alerted when your heart rate exceeds the threshold and you appear to have been inactive for approximately 10 minutes. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone > Heart Rate > and adjust accordingly.

Other Tips & Tricks

Use your own photos as a personalised watch face

Another one for photogs. Use your own photo as a clock face! When you “favourite” photos on your iPhone, they will show up under the “Create Watch Face” settings. Just be aware that the photos are shown in a randomised order, but are all from your “favourites”.

Cover to mute

This may be one of our favourite tricks. Gone are the days where you forget to mute your notifications and your tech interrupts at the most inappropriate moment. In the “Sound & Haptics” settings you should absolutely enable the “Cover to Mute” option. It will save you some future scrambling and potential embarrassment!

There are many other ways to utilise your Apple Watch. Love Apple products? Check out our full line-up of all things Apple and start slidin’!

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