So you’re excited about streaming music and want to check out Spotify. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few Spotify tips and tricks to improve your listening experience.

6 Amazing Spotify Tips and Tricks You’re Probably Not Using

Let’s kick it off by cementing how to find and discover new music, which is my favorite activity.

1. Browse

Spotify’s “Browse” function has tons of categories to get you started. There’s everything from Podcasts to lists (such as the Top 50, both domestically and internationally), playlists for every possible genre and moods, along with full albums in the “New Release” section. This is a wonderful way to start exploring Spotify without too much time or energy. With Spotify’s “Daily Playlists,” you can even discover new artists based on what you’ve been listening to and liked. This functionality lets you expand your horizons without too much work on your part. Who doesn’t love a set of customized playlists at your disposal?

Deciding the kind of music you’d like to listen to goes beyond just searching for songs and includes whether you’d prefer the “explicit” or “clean” versions of your favorite tracks. For all those family outings when the company is mixed and not down with “colorful” language, you can still jam out without worrying that you’ll offend Grandma!

2. Discover Weekly

Speaking of elevating your music game, the “Discover Weekly” playlists are the best for just simply finding new music. It’s an accessible way to see what’s new across the board, from indie to mainstream artists, but is tailored to your listening preferences. It’s just enough of a stretch to expose you to new things, while still keeping it pretty stylistically close to home. This feature has provided us with some incredible finds. When it comes to figuring out the musical landscape, Spotify lets you check out what your friends are listening to, follow artists (or just folks you know from social media and real life) and even follow playlists curated by other users like yourself. It’s a great way to connect with the community and see if your favorite artist has good musical taste or not!

3. Shazam Integration

Musical exploration is a never-ending quest in Spotifyland, and one of the most underutilized features, in our humble opinion, is the Shazam integration. When you use Shazam and have it synced to Spotify, Spotify adds the song you were searching for to its own Shazam playlist. This feature has come in handy in a clutch when we just couldn’t remember the song that we heard randomly and am in desperate need to hear it again. In regards to figuring out past songs, you can also check out your play queue. This queue can tell you not only what track is coming up next, but also what you’ve already listened to! It’s great for those of us with shorter than desirable memory banks. In that same spirit, Spotify also allows you to sing along to your newly discovered tracks with their “Behind the lyrics” function. This in-app capability is powered by Genius and automatically begins when a song plays and also offers commentary on the artist, the track and everything in between!

4. Retrieving Lost Playlists & Staying Organized

In regards to getting back what you’ve lost, you can recover deleted playlists! This has been a useful tool for us, since we chronically “accidentally” delete playlists more often than we would care to admit! Now that you can get back anything you’ve lost, maintaining a semblance of “order” is necessary. Playlist management plagues many of us, but Spotify has taken some of the guesswork out of the equation by allowing you to make Playlist folders! This feature keeps the more organized listeners in line! There can be a folder for every aspect of your life – work, play, relaxation, and more.

5. Sharing

Now, what’s the point of listening to good music if you’re not going to share it? That’s right, there’s not one. There are a few ways that the magic of Spotify can be shared. First, you can have family members on your subscription. It’ll cost you $5, but you can have several additional people join your “Family” (friends count too) and start streaming music sans interruption, ads and the like. The second way you can share has more to do with sending individual songs or playlists to people. If you right click on the song in the Spotify desktop app, you can send via social media and email. When using the phone app, you can even share on WhatsApp!

6. Apple Perks

For the contingency of Apple users, we’ve got great news – you’ve got even more functionality in the Spotify app than your Android counterparts! In the world of Apple, you don’t need to open a playlist just to see what songs are on it. Tap and hold the playlist title and you’ll see the album artwork to the first five songs in that playlist. As you hold your finger down and slide over each image, you’ll get a quick preview of each song.

Bonus: Hiding your secret playlists

Now that you know all about Spotify’s arsenal of features, here’s potentially the most important one: how to stay under the radar.
For those of you private listeners, you’ll want to be a little more discreet with your playlists and activities and can initiate private listening sessions so that no one has to know about your secret Justin Bieber obsession. You can find the “Private Session” option under the file menu.

We hope you enjoy your new eye-opening Spotify experience!

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