The gift of technology–you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it. You may not be immersed in tech ALL THE TIME, but we bet at any given moment we’d catch you with at least a phone, tablet, laptop, or smart tech. Are we right? Well, we love tech too, so we’ve put together a list of the best tech gifts of 2018 (in our humble opinion). Our list is in no particular order, but #5 is definitely our favourite :).

10 Best Tech Gifts of 2018: Number 5 Is Our Favourite

Best Tech Gifts of 2018

best tech gifts 2018

1. Home Hub

The gift that keeps on giving! The Google Home Hub gives you all of the perks of a Google Home Assistant i.e. appointments, reminders, music, voice controls, smart home capabilities WITH a 7″ touchscreen display while keeping you up to date with visuals. If you’re a visual techie, the Google Home Hub will be your new best friend.


best tech gifts 2018

2. Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

The sleek FitBit Charge 3 will keep your gift recipient fit and motivated. This water-resistant advanced fitness tracker does more than count steps – it tracks 24/7 heart rate, calorie burn, 15+ exercises, goal progress, sleep and more. Perfect for that person who wants to track their fitness progress but not be TOO plugged in.


best tech gifts 2018

3. Gear Icon X

We love AirPods (see #9), but we also love Samsung Gear Icon X wireless headphones. The unique differentiator with these earbuds is that you can go phone-free. These gems work as standalone media players when you upload music from your phone (up to 1000 songs!).


best tech gifts 2018

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Xbox game

A gaming classic. For the gamer in your life, this sequel is another game to add to the arsenal. Black Ops 4 acts as the fifth entry into the popular Black Ops story arc and is the 15th main installment in the Call of Duty franchise.


best tech gifts 2018

5. Fire HD 10 Tablet

This is our favourite! The Fire HD 10 Tablet packs a lot of punch and is affordable. RRP for the 32 GB and 64 GB models are £149  and £179, respectively. Browse and surf your favourite apps and also enjoy Amazon’s Alexa Hands-Free functionality.


best tech gifts 2018

6. SONY PS4 1TB Console

A slimmer and lighter console is ready and waiting for you! The world’s bestselling console, ready and waiting for you to slide to a price you won’t regret!


best tech gifts 2018

7. LEGO The Incredibles MiniFigure Edition – Switch Game

Looking for a family friendly gaming gift? Look no further. Take control of Mr. Incredible, Jack Jack and the whole Parr family as you solve problems, build LEGO® structures and try to balance crime-fighting and family life across brilliantly realised levels.

best tech gifts 2018

8. Ps4 500 GB Call of Duty

This bundle features a PS4 500 GB console, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and an extra DualShock Controller. The perfect gift for gamers– veterans and newbies alike. Discover gritty, grounded and fluid combat in the deepest Call of Duty multiplayer experience ever; the biggest Zombies adventures of all time; and the debut of a new battle royale mode across the largest Call of Duty map in history.


best tech gifts 2018

9. AirPods

Always an excellent gift choice for Apple lovers. Have a Mac, Macbook, iPad and/or iPhone? Apple patrons can utilize these AirPods to their fullest extent. AirPods sense when they are in your ears and function accordingly, starting when you put them in, stopping when you take them out, and allowing you to listen one or both at will. Double tap for Siri and enjoy more than 24 hr of battery life with charging case.


best tech gifts 2018

10. iPhone XS Max 256GB

We likely don’t have to do much convincing for this gift. As with all of the gifts above, you can Slide your way to a great price. You won’t find these deals just anywhere! Try Slidr and find your new go-to gift platform!

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