Looking for a discount on gaming console without even having to leave your couch? Look no further! No really, that’s why we are here! Amongst gaming consoles, we have a wide variety of other luxury tech products for you to peruse. What’s the secret you ask? Read on to learn more.

How This Gamer Used Slidr To Get On Average 27% Discount On Gaming Console

Here’s how Slidr works:

What type of gaming console are you looking for? We’re bound to have something for you, dear gamer!

You can slide your way into some pretty sweet deals. With an average of 27% in savings, what do you have to lose? We also offer gaming bundle deals, games, and gaming accessories. Read on to see exactly how to sign-up and start receiving discounts on gaming consoles!


We’re quite proud of our process and we’re always striving to improve.


how to use slidr

Signing up to save is really easy. You can sign-up with your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or e-mail address. The process takes less than a minute and then all you have to do is confirm your e-mail address and keep it moving! (You even get 15 Slidr credits for signing-up).


how to use slidr

Once you’ve joined, you’re able to start seeing savings. Start by searching through our selection of gaming technology.


how to use slidr

This sliding is tons more exciting than swiping left or right. Each product has a designated credit amount per slide

Slide using your credits to reduce and reveal the unique price of your chosen product. You now have 15 seconds to decide whether to purchase the product at your unique price.

“Buy Now”, or you can wait for more people to slide and reduce the price even further. Careful, though, as the product might be sold out!

Once you’ve decided to nab the product, you get 10 minutes to finalize your check out. After the item is sold, the next in stock returns to its original retail price until the item is sold out. See what we did there? It’s pretty exciting! We’re excited too.


how to use slidr

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