Just because you don’t have ample space, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your gaming setup. We’ve put together a list of Gaming Setup Ideas for Small Rooms to get your creativity flowing.

Gaming Setup Ideas for Small Rooms: 5 Hacks

#1: Forget screens

Forget taking up your precious space with a screen (or three). We’ve mentioned this before, but take a look at how projectors have evolved and see if it’d be a good fit for you. Upside: this TouchJet projector could double as a useful smart gadget that could help you maximise your space in a multitude of other ways.

#2: BIG sound, small space

Gaming Setup Ideas for Small Roos: 5 Hacks

You can still fill your small space with big sound without bulky speakers and the like. There are so many options that we love. Check them all out here. We’ve pictured the Google Home above because it’s a great addition to any small space and also doubles as an assistant!

#3: Or maybe, you want a screen

Gaming Setups Ideas for Small Rooms: 5 Hacks

Ok ok, if you want a screen, to maximise your small space make sure you get a screen that you can mount on the wall. You can complement that setup by having floating shelves or cupboards for storing all of your gaming accessories!  We gained this inspiration from Ikea. We’d hack it by utilizing the floating parts and by hanging the TV on the wall as opposed to having storage that stands out from the wall.

#4: Prefer desktops?

Gaming Setup Ideas for Small Rooms: 5 Hacks

Maybe your small space is better utilized by having a workspace/office space? Great! Utilize that office space as your gaming space as well. A couple of screens makes it easier to multitask and be efficient when you’re working anyways!

#5: Declutter

gaming setup ideas for small rooms: 5 hacks

The last thing you need in your small room is to be constantly tripping over wires and cables. This one may seem silly, but we definitely recommend a cable organiser for your small room (and your larger rooms for that matter). There is a range of options, but we liked this one: compact, efficient and tidy.

Small spaces, no worries! How do you optimise your gaming setup for small rooms? Sharing is caring! If you’re looking for PC gaming setup ideas, check out our post on our Top 5 Ideas (for the moment at least).

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