Workout earphones are tough. You need them to fit well, drown out the noise of the powerlifters that may surround you (or at least the music they play at the gym that pales in comparison to your own playlist), and to last. But which is the best? We’ve chosen to compare the Gear IconX vs Jabra Elite Sport. Read on to learn more about both of these workout earphones.

Gear IconX vs Jabra Elite Sport: Which Are The Better Workout Earphones?

Gear IconX

Recommended Retail Price: £199

gear iconx vs jabra elite sport

These truly wireless earphones created by Samsung have the following features:

  • Gear IconX’s Auto Tracking mode detects walking or jogging, and logs your time, distance, and calories burned; To stay focused while running, long press to start the built-in Running Coaching feature.
  • Go phone-free – Leave your phone at home. The Gear IconX earbuds work as standalone media players when you upload music from your phone. You can also create 2 more playlists: one for favourite tracks and one for the gym.
  • A long battery life makes sure the music keeps going with up to 7 hours of playback. When you’re done, just pop the earbuds back into their case to get a full charge.
  • Tune out and focus on your fitness with Gear IconX. The cord-free earbuds are designed to stay securely in place, even in the midst of a workout. And their ergonomic design means you feel comfortable wearing them
  • Save and store up to 1000 songs
  • Up to 7 hours in standalone mode; Up to 5 hours in streaming mode
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Jabra Elite Sport

Recommended Retail Price: £199

gear iconx vs jabra elite sport


  • Active Design – Features a heart rate monitor, integrated app and in-ear audio coaching to help you stay motivated.
  • Moisture will not compromise the quality of your sound or hardware; designed for intense workouts, the earphones come with a 3 year warranty against failure from sweat (you just need to registration after purchase).
  • Up to 9 Hours of Energy – Each device carries 3 hours of battery, while the on-the-go charging case holds 2 extra 3 hour charges… you’ll never need to power down.
  • Secure, Cordless Fit – These earphones will stay in place, even when you don’t. Offering complete freedom of movement, the cordless earphones offer a secure fit throughout the most high-energy workouts.
  • Compatible with all smartphones.

Our final assessment. Considering that the recommended retail price for both the Gear IconX and Jabra Elite Sport are the same, it comes down to features. We’re blown away by what Samsung offers with their Gear IconX. Not only can you ditch your phone and STILL have music, you also have a longer charge. This provides great versatility if you’re say–using them whilst you work as well. Whichever way you go, you absolutely will not pay the recommended retail price. Slidddddeeee your way to a discounted price that will make your workout earphones that much more satisfying!

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