Googe Home Mini is great at home and even on vacation (it’s so compact!). This little piece of hands-free technology packs a punch when it comes to receiving commands. Take a look at what we think are the 10 most useful Google Home Mini commands:

The 10 Most Useful Google Home Mini Commands

1.  “Hey Google, get me an Uber.” or “Hey Google, request an Uber.”

This request comes especially in handy when you’re feverishly packing your bags and have a flight to catch but are throwing things into luggage when you should be requesting an Uber. Sound familiar? Yes, this just happened to us recently. Be sure to set-up Uber with your Google Home Mini prior to being in this predicament!

2. “Hey Google, flip a coin.”

When it comes to pre-emptively settling the “what’s for dinner” debacle of the week, ask Google to help you out and make a decision! Also, see #7.

3. “Hey Google, define [….].”

Have you ever gotten into a philosophical debate on the meaning of “x” with your friends, family, or loved ones? Well, now you don’t have to pull out a dictionary or even your phone. Google Assistant will clear it up for you with a simple command!

4. “Hey Google, good morning.”

This is a great habit to get into in the morning. With this command, you’ll receive the weather, traffic, and news! Your daily briefing by Google!

5. “Hey Google, play the song that goes [song lyrics].”

Yes! This is the Shazam for real life. This happens to us more frequently than not. Can’t remember the name of a song, but desperately want to hear it? This command is for you.

6. “Hey Google, how long will it take to walk/bike/take a bus to [end destination]?”

This one is great for those of us in big cities. Find out how long it will take to get to wherever you’re going!

7. “Hey Google, what are the best restaurants in [location], or [nearby]?”

Ok so maybe you aren’t being forced to make a decision between two restaurants with a coin toss. Perhaps instead you have analysis paralysis and simply can’t make a decision. Ask Google for restaurants in a specific area or nearby. You may have forgotten about a hidden gem or one of your favourite watering holes.

8. “Hey Google, what’s my day look like?”

As long as you keep your calendar updated, you’ll be fine. This is a great way to preview your day and get your head right in the morning. No (scheduled) surprises today!

9. “Hey Google, call mum.”

Does this really need an explanation?

10. “Hey Google, what sound does a/an [animal] make?”

This one makes the list because its plain silly, and will give you a good laugh when you need it.

Feeling like you’d like a Google Home Mini in your life? Slide on over to check out our variety of Google products. We promise you’ll– 1. Get it at a stellar price and 2. Won’t regret your purchase due to an uptick in productivity and laughs. (Hey Google, what sound does a rooster make?)

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