If you’ve ever wished that you could record 360-degrees in order to get the best shot, your wish is our command! The GoPro Fusion 360° Action Camera captures in and playbacks in 360 degrees to record all the action.

GoPro Fusion 360: Review and Features

GoPro Fusion 360

Recommended Retail Price: £649

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gopro fusion 360


  • View it in VR, spherical videos and photos or use GoPro’s OverCapture to create traditional videos and photos that you can share directly from your phone.
  • 5.2K video
  • 18 mp and up to 60 fps
  • Video recording resolution: 4992 x 2496
  • Ultra-smooth stabilisation and 360 degrees of shooting
  • Fusion captures spherical video and photos, recording everything so you can find the best shots later.
  • Transform spherical footage into amazing traditional videos and photos you can share right on your phone.
  • Preview and playback shots, edit videos and share them on the spot with the GoPro app.
  • Immerse yourself in your VR content without stitch lines getting in the way.
  • Capture amazing audio coming at you from every direction.
  • Fusion is battle tested and waterproof down to 16ft (5m).
  • Take hands-free control of Fusion with simple voice commands.
  • Fusion captures your GPS path, speed, elevation gain and more.

This little camera packs a big punch. Definitely worth the price tag in our minds, especially if you use Slidr for a guaranteed lower price!

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