Amazon Alexa, and any other Smart Home Assistant can certainly make your life easier. It can also make your life… creepier. We’ve pulled together 5 horror stories you can hear from Amazon Alexa. Our favourites are, of course, the classics! But we’ve also include some more tech forward options.

5 Horror Stories You Can Hear From Amazon Alexa

Here are 5 Amazon Alexa Horror Stories you can access by just asking:

amazon alexa horror stories

1. “Alexa, read me your favourite scary Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale.”

Ouf. The Grimm’s Brothers are known for their gory, detailed narratives. The original “Little Red Riding Hood” or the original “Hansel and Gretel” will have to rethinking the Disney remakes.

2. “Alexa, play the movie The Shining.”

Is Alexa integrated with your Amazon Firestick? If so, this classic Stanley Kubrick film (based on a Stephen King novel) will get you in the Halloween mood! You can listen AND watch this classic thriller. Come play with us.

amazon alexa horror stories

3. “Alexa, open up Stephen King Library

Speaking of Stephen King, Amazon has a whole library dedicated to his eery works of art that you can enable for free. Think of all of the options: It, The Shining, and so much more. By answering a series of questions, you will receive a reading list of Stephen King books best suited to you.

amazon alexa horror stories

4. “Alexa, ask Scare Me to tell me a scary story.”

This is a great command to give you the creeps in a short period of time. Alexa will give you a short, two sentence story to give you the creeps. Don’t forget to enable this Alexa skill here.

amazon alexa horror stories

5. “Alexa, open Scary Tale.”

Not satisfied with the aforementioned stories? Did you know that there’s also a Scary Tale app from Amazon? It’s free to enable on your Amazon device AND it will create stories for you featuring you and your friends’ names. Spooky, fun… and a bit… personal.

Have fun with Amazon Alexa during the holiday season. She can help you stay entertained, help you with your holiday shopping, and even help you plan your holiday menu! Would you like all of these perks and don’t have an Alexa enabled device yet? Slide right here to see all of your options and open up a world of convenience!

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