You may think Slidr is a bit complicated. It’s actually not! Perhaps the algorithm behind it is a bit sophisticated, but the process itself from the consumer side is simple. Here’s why:

See this button? This button holds the key to your discounts on the tech items you’ve always coveted!

How To Save On Slidr

How does Slidr work? Once you’ve created an account (it’s super quick), you’re ready to go (and you’ve got 15 credits to start with!). Here’s how to save on Slidr:

How To Save On Slidr: All About Credits, Discounts, and The Slidr Experience

1. Choose your product.

We offer a large array of luxury tech products including phones & accessories, smart tech, sound & vision, smart fitness, gaming & consoles, smart living, and computing.

2. The retail price is marked. Slide on the Slidr button to see your unique lower price.

This price is valid for 15 seconds. If you like that price, you can purchase it immediately. If you’d like to gamble on an even lower price…

3. Slide again!

Each Slide by you, or whomever is online interested in the product, lowers the price for everyone viewing the product until someone purchases it.

4. Timing is key.

Your timing is everything. Once someone decides to purchase the product, the price goes back up and the cycle begins again.

5. Purchase your product.

How To Save On Slidr

Once you’ve decided to purchase a product, you can be confident that all of our products are sourced from the UK and in their original packaging, warrantied, and come with our Slidr price guarantee. We even give you free shipping!

We’ve baked out the potential risk of “sliding right” on an app! With Slidr, you always win and will continue to see lower and lower prices with each slide. You are guaranteed a price lower than the retail price.

Need to top up your credits? That’s simple too! Top up here and keep on Slidin’!

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