Interested in getting a Nintendo Switch? Perhaps you read our post on Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One X? If so, here are some of the best Nintendo switch tips and tricks to get you started!

Nintendo Switch Tips And Tricks: How to get the most from your new console

nintendo switch tips and tricks

Let’s start with the tips. Tip number one, give your switch a nickname so that it feels a bit more personal.
Head to the System Settings > System > Console Nickname. Change your username (default) to something more original. Whatever you do, don’t name it “My Nintendo Switch!”

The Nintendo Switch needs more than the 32GB built-in storage, so it’s recommended that you get a 64 GB or larger microSD card. Along with a sturdy carrying case and screen protector to prevent nicks and scratches. For the serious gamers, you’ll want to grab an additional battery pack to travel with and a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

nintendo switch tips and tricks
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Now that let’s get to the tips and tricks for getting the most out of playing your device.

First of all, manage the Wi-Fi. Disabling the Wi-Fi auto-connect will help you avoid Wi-Fi scans that disrupt your playing sessions and limit the slowdowns that occur from scanning for other networks.

Besides managing the network connection, you’ll want to make sure that you create multiple profiles so that you can have additional save slots. For some of the most preferred games,  you’ll only get a single save file; by making more profiles – for yourself and for your friends, you’ll be able to bypass that limitation.

nintendo switch tips and tricks

Joy-Cons are easily the most unique feature of the Nintendo Switch. These controllers are made to be used with your Switch, but they are quite compatible with other Bluetooth devices, such as your computer. You simply pair the controllers with your PC via the Bluetooth setting on your computer and you’re ready to go! For those forgetful gamers, you can turn on a “Find Controller” setting on your Switch console and they’ll buzz until you locate them.

Games are better with friends and with the Nintendo Switch, you can do that in the most tedious manner possible – your 12-digit friend code. You’ll have to share it with your best pals so they can find you and add you. In version 5.0, you can use social media (Facebook and Twitter) to add your virtual friends who’ve turned this feature on as well. If this seems like too much work, you can share your screenshots on social media or take even a short video of your escapades when you’re ready to showcase your talents to the world!

If you’re a little shyer, you can simply chat with your friends online via the Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android. Connect your Nintendo account and you’ll be able to chat with friends or access online-specific features for different games.

Want to play in stealth mode? You can appear offline and hide your play activity by going to your profile page and selecting User Settings > Friend Settings. Once there, you have the ability to change who gets to see exactly how much you’re playing. Your options are: “all friends,”  “Best Friends,” or no one at all.

Want to access all of the Switch’s digital titles all over the world? Well, you can get around the region locks by heading to That will let you change your account’s country of residence whenever you want. Be mindful to confirm that your credit card can make international purchases and that you’re not changing your location settings too often.

Last, but not least, don’t delete your games. Instead, archive them in order to avoid taking up all of the memory on your device. You aren’t able to access past purchases easily on your device library, so you’ll want to “archive” your software, rather than deleting it. Archiving deletes the game data from your Switch, but leaves the game in your library.

We hope these Nintendo Switch tips and tricks come in handy!

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