Spoiler alert: #3 is not a fidget spinner! We all have our moments of lethargy and lapses in productivity. We’ve found that sometimes we need a productivity boost and we’ve found 5 smart gadgets to help us (and you) do just that!

5 Smart Gadgets To Increase Productivity: Number 3 is Our Favourite

#1 Fitness Tracker Watch

5 Smart Gadgets to Increase Productivity

Everyone has their preferences. Apple Watch? Samsung? FitBit? We’re looking forward to the release of the FitBit Versa (April 16th), a nice upgrade from the FitBit Blaze, without breaking the bank. We love both its style and functionality. Gone will be the days of forgetting to get up and move every hour.

#2  Power Bank/External Charger5 Smart Gadgets to Increase Productivity

Have you ever been caught on the Tube with a dying phone or tablet and you really needed to finish that one urgent e-mail for when service flashed back? Avoid those sorts of disasters by always having a (charged) Power Bank with you. We used to think this was essential for traveling, but now we’re convinced we need to have one with us daily!

#3 Lumo Lift5 Smart Gadgets to Increase Productivity

We remember when Lumo Lift was in beta in Silicon Valley; this technology is impressive!  Lumo Lift is essentially a digital posture coach and activity tracker. A sensor provides a gentle vibration when you slouch to remind you to sit or stand straight. You can track your posture from your phone.

#4 Hidrate Spark 2.0

5 Smart Gadgets to Increase Productivity

Do you survive your days by drinking coffee? Water is important too and easily forgotten when you’re on a roll and just need to keep going. This gem reminds you to drink water and also tracks your consumption through their app, it’s one-of-a-kind.

#5 Tiles

5 Smart Gadgets to Increase Productivity

Time is money–you don’t need to waste time trying to locate the keys you always seem to misplace or the iPad you swore you put right… Use Tile to make sure you know the locations of your MVPs (most valuable products!). They’ll save you time and worry.

Do you have go-to smart gadgets to increase productivity? Share yours in the comment section below and we’ll share it in our follow-up post.

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