We’ve evolved since Nanny Cams! Well, mostly. Though teddy bears with hidden cameras still exist, we totally understand the upside of keeping an eye on your home and knowing what’s going on while you’re away, especially if you’re going on a long holiday. Here’s a list of 3 Smart Home Cameras that won’t disappoint!

Going on Holiday? Keep Your Home Safe With One Of These 3 Smart Home Cameras

1. Nest Hello Video Doorbell

smart home cameras

For monitoring who’s coming to your front door, the Nest Hellow Video Doorbell is a great option. The camera captures a bigger picture so you can see a person head to toe or a parcel on the ground in crystal-clear detail, day or night. With a Nest Aware subscription, it can even tell you if it’s someone you know or a stranger. And because Nest Hello is wired, it streams 24/7, so you can check the live stream at any time.

2. Netatmo Welcome Home Camera

smart home cameras

An excellent interior option for smart home cameras is the Netatmo Welcome Home Camera. Noting that we’ve referred to its facial recognition technology in previous posts as a little creepy i.e. “too smart”, here’s a great application! If you’re away on holiday and have a house sitter, or someone checking in on your dog, this camera is excellent. You can be alerted when someone who isn’t supposed to be in your home is in fact, in your home.

3. Canary Waterproof Outdoor and Indoor Camera

smart home cameras

To monitor the outer perimeter of your home, this is a solid, waterproof choice! Meet Canary Flex: weatherproof to withstand the toughest outdoor elements, but equally happy in the comfort of your home; plug it in or run it wire-free off the built-in rechargeable battery. Using the free Canary app, it can send alerts and notifications to your smartphone and you can view live or recorded footage at any time, anywhere. Armed with privacy mode, bank-level data encryption and one-touch access to emergency services from within the app, Canary makes it easy to stay safe.

We’ve got you covered with Smart Home Cameras and Smart Living technology. Visit us to learn more about making your home smarter and your life easier!

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