The world of security cameras has evolved from grainy, hardly distinguishable video feeds, to crystal clear video feeds that can be accessed remotely from your phone, laptop or tablet. The same is true regarding home security cameras. With the evolution of smart home technology, smart home security cameras have certainly proven to be a huge upgrade from their former versions.

Our Top 4 Smart Home Security Cameras

HIVE Camera

smart home security cameras

Indoor home security is just as important as security outside of your home. While some people may still use stuffed animals with tiny cameras inside, we suggest you consider a smart home security camera like this HIVE camera. The Hive Camera allows you to easily view what is going on at home wherever you are. It records and streams footage in high-quality 1080p at 30 fps, with a 130-degree field of view allowing you to get a clear and concise view of what is going on while you are away. The integrated night vision sensor enables you to monitor what is going on around the clock with ease. If you receive a motion activated alert to your phone via the app, you can easily open your app, view what is going on, and zoom into areas of interest with the built-in zoom function. Another great function is built-in two-way communication–perhaps a LITTLE much for chiming in like Big Brother on family members, but a great tool for more unsavory situations. Fun fact: you can trigger the sound of a dog barking or a siren remotely to scare off intruders!

Ring Smart Video Doorbell 2

smart home security cameras

This Smart Video Doorbell enhances your security and is also a great tool for all you introverts out there. You’ll always know who is on your doorstep thanks to the Ring Smart Video Doorbell’s 160-degree field of view and 1080p Full HD video resolution for even clearer footage and improved night vision. Using the free Ring app you can get instant alerts on your smart device whenever anyone presses your doorbell or triggers a motion sensor.

Nest Cam

smart home security cameras

Nest Cams offer 24/7 video (live), 130-degree wide-angle shots, 1080p HD, all night and all day. You can stream directly to your portable device: laptop, tablet or phone. Nest Cams monitor for motions and sounds and send alerts straight to your phone, as well as a ‘snapshot’ of the previous 3 hours video.

Netatmo Welcome Home Camera

smart home security cameras

At first glance, this camera may seem to be a little too smart as it’s decked out with facial recognition. When Welcome sees that your children, elderly parents or partner are home, it will send you a notification directly to your Smartphone across the home Wi-Fi network. The camera even alerts you when it sees a stranger so you’ll always be aware who is visiting the home. The app also enables you to check who is currently home, access live stream and past events in Full HD too. We’d say that this camera is definitely a good choice if you have younger children that you may need to check-in on after school to make sure they’ve made it home safely.

So there we have it. Consider these cameras if you’re in the market for a smart home security camera. Honestly, if you asked us our favourite, we’re leaning towards the Ring Smart Video Doorbell 2. The introvert inside of us is eternally grateful for the ability to see who is on our doorstep! Happy sliding!

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