The summer may be coming to an end sooner rather than later, so perhaps this would more aptly be titled “stay fit this year with these 5 best fitness gadgets“! Regardless, we love these fitness gadgets and recommend them for year-round fitness goals and routines.

Stay Fit This Summer With These 5 Best Fitness Gadgets

5 Best Fitness Gadgets

1. Smart Jump Rope

best fitness gadgets

We’ll admit, we know from experience that everyone can’t get the knack of jumping rope (ahem). Maybe it’s something with body/eye coordination? But if you ARE an avid cardio jump roper, this is for you.

Pair Smart Rope with the Smart Gym app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. You can record each complete revolution of the rope as a complete jump, not to mention tracking your calorie burn and workout time.

2. Trace Activity Monitor

best fitness gadgets

Here’s a good one for those who prefer “action sports” as opposed to more traditional cardio like running, jogging, and cycling. This piece of tech is perfect for surfers, skaters, snowboarders and more! Trace has algorithms to calculate speed, distance, jump height, and rotation.

3. FitBit Aria

best fitness gadgets

This is not just any scale. This scale doesn’t just track your weight, it also tracks your Body Mass Index (BMI)… and not just yours, up to 7 other users! You can track your progress via the FitBit app.

4. Beast Athlete Lift Sensor

best fitness gadgets

This is for all of our weightlifting tech lovers. Beast sensor will become your #1 training companion using data to build your athletic profile and deliver a set of relevant information based on sports science by measuring Power, Speed and Force of all movements with a high precision accelerometer technology.

Not convinced? BWL, the National Governing Body for Weight Lifting and Paralympic Powerlifting in the UK has selected Beast as the official performance partner for the upcoming seasons.

5. Smartwatch

best fitness gadgets

Yes, we thought we may get away with a fitness gadget list without a smartwatch, but we couldn’t! Whichever you choose, be it a FitBit vs Apple Watch or another smartwatch… you’ll admit, it does give you the extra oooomph that you need to take a few more steps, run one km more, or take the stairs one extra time.

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