Android vs iPhone is a contentious issue. Friendships have probably been lost because of it. Well, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but we know that you probably have stereotypes that you associate with your droid-using friends. What do you need to know about making the switch from Android to iPhone? We’ve come up with a list of helpful items!

Switch from Android to iPhone

Things you should know about the switch from Android to iPhone

There are a few very notable differences that you’ll be noticing during the switch from Android to iPhone. For one, you’ll have an easier time choosing a device because Apple is the only producer of iPhones. For Android users, this could be considered a blessing or a curse. We, personally, appreciate the downsizing in analysis paralysis when it comes down to decision-making time.

For the iPhone, the hardware and software are controlled and constantly updated by Apple. You’ll be using a different software. Maybe you already have a MacBook, or iPad already? Even better! All of these things will integrate nicely together and your user experience between them will be even easier!

As for your hardware, a notable difference with the iPhone is that there is no expandable storage, as with Androids. However, Apple mitigates this by allowing users to increase their iCloud storage capacity.

How many apps do you have? You can still use your Google apps: Gmail, Google Photos, Google Keep, Google Maps etc. etc. You’ll gain more than a few capabilities with Facetime and iMessage. You only need WiFi to communicate with anyone else with an iPhone no matter where in the world you are!

To top it off, once you have an iPhone you can utilize the Apple Store’s Genius Bar. You can have an Apple Professional walk you through using your new device!

Transfering your content and data: the basics

Switch from Android to iPhone


Perhaps the most important thing. We wouldn’t want you to think that you’d need to manually input everyone’s information into your new phone. You can easily transfer your contact data. Download your contacts to your computer and you’ll be able to sync them to your iPhone.

Switch from Android to iPhone


Simple. You’ll need to download iTunes onto your computer, add your music to iTunes then sync with your iPhone.

 switch from android to iphone


You definitely won’t lose all of your scrumptious food photos and your impromptu selfies just because you’re switching devices. If you already use an online storage option for your photos like Google Photos, for example, your photos are already saved–just download the iOS app version to your iPhone and log-in. Otherwise, you can easily download your Android photos to your photo management software on your computer and drag and drop them to your phone via iTunes.

switch from android to iphone


Not all Android apps have iOS counterparts. But the good news is that most of your go-to apps do: WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter–all the big players–have iOS versions of their apps. You’ll have to download them to your device, but you’ll still have the same account information.

So, in summary, if you have friends, parents, and/or loved ones (does that cover everything?) stuck on their Androids, share this post with them! We’ll get them situated soon enough! Do you or a friend need help purchasing a new iPhone? Slide your way on Slidr to a new iPhone and cool iPhone accessories tout suite!

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