Traveling has evolved in so many ways–for better and for worse. Tech has enabled us to book trips faster and cheaper, know our final destination much more in-depth in advance–all the while, staying plugged in. Remember the days when you couldn’t just swap out your sim card at the airport and you had to find phone booths and use international phone cards? Or when you didn’t have Google Maps at your fingertips and you had to find other ways to navigate new places? Tech gadgets for travel are some of our favourite types of gadgets, read on to see what made our list of 10 useful tech gadgets for travelers!

Tech Gadgets for Travelers

1. Anker PowerCore 13000 Power Bank

tech gadgets for travelers

This always graces our lists of tech gadgets because it’s SO convenient and will save you many headaches. Portable chargers are a must-have tech gadget for travelers (and for day-to-day life IMHO). Generally, it takes a few hours to fully charge these chargers,  but you’ll reap the benefits by ensuring that you’ll always have a charged phone and tablet on-the-go. You won’t miss out on photo taking and you most certainly will be able to find your way back to your hotel from your latest traveling adventure! Give the Anker PowerCore Power Bank a try!

2. Tile Mate

tech gadgets for travelers

If you’re forgetful at home, you’ll likely be forgetful abroad. Tile makes it easier. Attach these Bluetooth trackers to your luggage, keys, laptop, tablet, etc. and worry a little less about your tech.

3. Smartwatch

tech gadgets for travelers

You knew this would be on the list. We’ve toyed with comparisons between FitBit vs Apple Watch for example, and one thing we’re sure of is that a smartwatch of some sort for your travels should be on your tech list! Depending on what type of smartwatch you have you’ll be able to track your steps and whereabouts, receive notifications via Bluetooth and wifi, and also receive calls and texts (if you have cellular connectivity, that is).

4. Bowers and Wilkins PX Noise Cancelling Headphones

tech gadgets for travelers

Long flight ahead? Once you’ve tried these noise-cancelling headphones you’ll never dread seeing small children on your flight again! With a 22-hour battery life they’ll keep you wirelessly immersed in premium quality audio for the long haul.

5. DJI’s Mavic Air

tech gadgets for travelers

PSA: in some places, drone use is illegal or at the very least culturally insensitive. Please do your research before launching this guy into the air! That aside, photogs and videographers both aspiring and professional, will be able to capture beautiful photos and footage with this travel drone.

The onboard 12-megapixel camera is supported by an integrated high-precision 3-axis mechanical stabilisation system to guarantee every single shot is sharp. Your 4K video footage will also be crystal clear and stutter-free to save you having to redo the take. Flight time: 21 minutes.

6. Mini Travel Steam Iron

tech gadgets for travelers

For the trendy and image-conscious travelers, we have a very compact steamer. And by compact, we mean… SMALL. The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron will most certainly iron out your travel wrinkles and better yet, won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage! 

7. Google Home Mini

tech gadgets for travelers

We bet you’ve never considered bringing along your handy compact Google Assistant with you on your travels eh? Just connect your Google Home Mini to your wifi connection in your hotel room and use it like you use it at home! You’ll be able to check the weather, get directions, and more.

8. Skyroam Global Hotspot

tech gadgets for travelers

This is especially essential for digital nomads and remote workers–a Global Hotspot. Apps that locate free wifi for you are great, but sometimes you really need a solid, reliable, wifi connection. Here it is! With the Skyroam Global Wifi Hotspot you can connect up to 5 devices; instant connectivity in 120+ countries!

9. Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

tech gadgets for travelers

Gamers, did you think we’d forget about you? Nope! Perhaps you’re low on space this trip and can’t everything… but you’re all set to continue gaming with this controller for your iPad Mini. It’s not just a controller either, with the immersive Gamevice Live app, Gamevice will connect you to over 850 (and growing) compatible games, including favorite console titles such as BioShock, Grand Theft Auto, HALO, FIFA 15 and Call of Duty.

10. Universal USB Travel Power Adapter

tech gadgets for travelers

We wouldn’t leave you hanging without a tech solution for all of the charging you’ll be doing abroad. This Worldwide Travel Adapter, Delicacy® Universal International Travel Charger comes equipped with two USB ports and can be used in 150+ countries. Don’t ever get caught abroad without an adapter!

Bon voyage!

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